What is Total Life Stewardship

What is it? What does it look like?

Maybe these three words bring a specific person to mind—someone you would say is a great example. Or maybe you don’t have a vision for what it looks like at all. 

Total Life Stewardship is a high calling from our Heavenly Father; an invitation to not just manage resources well, but to become a steward, live as a steward and prepare for the day when your stewardship will be evaluated.

The 5 Stages of Success exist to help you think through and answer certain questions about your life with intention: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is God’s plan for the resources He has entrusted to me? What is His plan for the people around me? What is my role in their lives? What does God want the end result of my life to be?

In the chapters ahead, we will help you Know Your Design, Maximize Your Talent, Manage Your Money, Teach Your Children, and Finish Well. We also have included a special testimony of an outstanding example. The content is both practical and spiritual. Not only will you find help for your present challenges, but knowledge to prepare you for “that day” when we each stand before the Lord Jesus. We pray that these lessons will inspire you to live with the ultimate goal in mind, to hear Jesus say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant! Enter into the joy of your Master.”


This study is designed for you to be able to do on your own, with a spouse or friend, as a family, or even in a church small group. Pray for and allow God to show you how He wants to use it in your life and in the lives of people around you.

When you are ready to begin, click on Lesson and Notes for Stage One and watch the first video. In this workbook, there is a listening guide that accompanies each stage. As you watch the video, fill in the blanks. There is a space at the end of each section for additional notes. 

The videos for each stage are about 45-50 minutes each with a “pause” in each session. You can use the pause to divide it into 2 shorter sessions, or you can simply use the pause to think through or discuss what stood out to you most from part 1 before moving on to part 2. If you choose not to pause at all, the video will continue after 10 seconds.

Once you’ve finished watching a message, answer the Reflection Questions. This can be done individually or as a group. If you are using this as a small group study, your group may want to answer the questions immediately after watching the video, or, you may want to have group members briefly highlight immediate takeaways, close in prayer, and give everyone personal time over the next week to answer the questions and return for group discussion the following week. Also remember to commit that week’s verse to memory over the next week.

Following the reflection questions is a section that can be used like a journal. This section should help you apply God’s principles from each stage to your own life. What are the next steps He’s asking you to take? What has He put on your heart and how can you set goals to help you intentionally pursue His path?


The 5 Stages of Success will help you not only with practical problems of today but will assist you to serve God’s purposes and become a success in His eyes as you pursue the eternal reward of pleasing Him.

Remember: the biggest financial mistake you could make is not getting too far into debt, writing checks that bounce, overdrawing your account or buying a lottery ticket. The worst financial mistake you could make would be to become a success in the eyes of the world, but a failure when it comes to aligning your life to what God says about money.

Commit to spend the duration of this study focusing on ordering your life in such a way that God can spend you however He wants. By the end of the study, my hope is that you can say, “God, you came to fix my heart and to give me an eternal destiny, an eternal identity, and an eternal job to serve you with all my heart and soul. Help me to use money as your steward to do good on this earth. Help me to use all you’ve entrusted to me to bring your goodness to the world, to bless my family, to take care of my needs, to give to my church. Help me use all my resources—my identity, talent, money, relationships, and time—to grow your Kingdom.”

- Chuck Bentley

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