Welcome to Money Dates!

God’s desire for you, your spouse, and your entire family is to flourish together in your faith and finances. 

We believe you can escape the stress, frustration and worry of your financial challenges, no matter how small or large, and experience freedom as a unified couple. That is why Crown is pleased to make Money Dates available to you. Each module is designed to be easy to implement, so you can make quick progress.

A lack of unity in marriage directly relates to our financial struggles, but it also impacts our every decision or our inability to make decisions together. I experienced this first-hand in my own marriage. Because of my personal journey, and because money is a leading cause for couples to be discouraged, divided, or destroyed, I am more passionate than ever to help you see the powerful benefits of being a couple who is at peace with each other, unified and making financial decisions together.

I am a husband and a father. My wife, Ann, and I have four sons, and we know what it is like to live on the financial edge to keep everybody fed. I have been married for 40 years, and it took 21 of those years for me to realize that God had a plan for our finances. After that realization, our family was able to unify in discovering and following God's plan together! My own failures, weaknesses, and lessons learned have given me a compassionate heart to serve others in this area. My hope is that you and your spouse will join forces to fight your financial battles as one, instead of fighting each other.

Whether you are on the same page as your spouse or miles apart, working through Money Dates will benefit not just your finances but your whole relationship. It will impact the way you make decisions, the goals you set for your future, and the legacy you leave for your children. Investing in your relationship with your spouse through these guided dates can truly benefit every area of your life.

I have heard people say communication is key to a healthy marriage. I agree; but what they leave out is that communication often means choosing to dig in and have difficult conversations about the issues and areas that may be sensitive or neglected. Money Dates is intended to help you intentionally connect on the topic of finances in your marriage.

It is intended to bring joy, peace and unity, and I truly believe it will. You MAY face some difficult conversations along the way, but I want to encourage you to push through, extend grace to each other and to yourself, knowing that it will be worth it.

Remember the lesson from Romans 5:3-5, which tells us that hardships and suffering lead to perseverance... which leads to character... which produces hope. So, persevere. You will be so thankful you stuck with it!

I am grateful that we are able to offer you this modular "date night" experience.  Whether you go through one date or the entire series, I am praying that you will soon be on your way to flourishing together in your faith and your finances!

Chuck Bentley
Crown Financial Ministries, CEO

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