Welcome! I’m both excited and humbled that you’ve decided to join us in this God ProvidesTM Learning Experience.

I’m excited because we’re engaging in a process of discovering new aspects of God’s awesome love and faithfulness. As a result, we’ll increase our trust in Him to provide for our deepest needs.

And I’m humbled to have been entrusted with sharing these accounts from the Bible—God’sWord—through the special medium of film. We’ve taken care to present the biblical accounts in these dramatic film adaptations as accurately as possible. Although not the written Word, these stories contain biblical truths that will lead to life-change.

This Companion Guide is no ordinary workbook. Each section is designed to be part of a true “learning experience,” carefully crafted to guide, support, and even challenge us along the way. Lasting impact comes when we engage all of these key areas:


    Our Head - as we view and discuss the films                                                 


 Our Heart - as we reflect on the personal implications of these stories

  Our Hands - as we apply our discoveries through meaningful activities

My prayer is that you will be deeply impacted by taking this journey and will share it with those whom you love. Through God's provision, we have been able to translate and distribute these films in over 100 languages worldwide. People from every economic and social back ground from around the globe—rich and poor, readers and nonreaders—are joining us on this God ProvidesTM journey.  All will be able to view these films and benefit from the compelling financial and life lessons they present. 

Finally, remember that God is our ultimate guide and teacher on this journey. My prayer for you is that His Holy Spirit will bless you with life’s true reward— the infinite riches of knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ.                                     


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