Getting Started - The Six Areas of Stewardship Teaching

Every aspect of our lives is impacted by stewardship. And, living by God’s stewardship principles benefits areas of our lives we may have never even considered. This course is designed to help you focus on each of these areas so God can grow you into His faithful steward one step at a time. When we teach Redemptive Stewardship, we focus on six areas of stewardship teaching.

• Career and Identity: Who am I? What is my purpose? How did God design me? How should I best fulfill my calling?

• Money and Resources: How can I be a good manager of the possessions or resources He has given me? How do I multiply what I have and learn to fulfill God’s purposes with my resources?

• Business and Organizational: How do I start and operate a business that glorifies God?

• Environmental and Farming: How can I take care of the natural resources God has given us on this Earth? What is my biblical requirement to care for the environment in which I live?

• Generational and Legacy: What is the legacy I leave? What is the inheritance I leave for my children and generations to come? How have I prepared the next generation to be stewards of their inheritance?

• Gospel and Discipleship: How am I advancing the gospel of Christ? What is my biblical responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment?

The prayers and practices that follow are by no means all-inclusive of everything the Bible teaches but are intended to start you on a path of daily considering each of these areas of stewardship in your own life. Also, many of the topics could apply to a combination of categories so, for example, don’t rule out business and organizational stewardship just because you are not an entrepreneur.

This online course is designed for you to focus on one area of stewardship at a time. You may want to complete a topic per day for 30 days, or you might choose to devote an entire week to one prayer and practice. Allow the Lord to be your guide. Each section has "Journal Notes" for you to keep track of thoughts that are brought to your mind during this course.

In its simplest form, each topic offers a short prayer for you to pray, a verse to read, and a suggestion to help you put the principle into action. However, if you are ready for God’s stewardship principles to take over your life, if you want to experience first-hand the transforming power of Redemptive Stewardship, allow the prayers to spark a deeper prayer time with the Lord. Consider committing the verses to memory, and dedicating your time, energy, and resources to following through with each practice. You can even journal along the way to record how God is answering your prayers and growing you.

It is our prayer that even now, as you view this course, God’s presence will wash over you in a real way and that you will feel Him walking alongside you on your spiritual journey ahead. May your ears be fine-tuned to His voice and may these prayers and practices be a blessing to you and those around you. May God be glorified in every way as you seek to be His faithful steward.

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