Thriving in Tough Times

Throughout history, the world has experienced major economic ups and downs. America, Germany, Argentina, Zimbabwe, and Iceland have all experienced a near total collapse of their banks or their currency over the last 100 years.

It can happen to any nation, rich or poor. And it can happen on a personal level, no matter how the economy is doing. If we look at the economy in a worldly way -- without God -- financial challenges that are outside of our control will lead to fear and anxiety. We call this view “Man’s Economy.”

This date will help you adopt God's perspective, regardless of the painful money problems you’re facing now or may face in the future. God’s timeless principles have the power to help you thrive in tough times as you live in His economy, not man’s.

How to Get the Most Out of This Experience:

  • Prep - There are a few reflection questions to prepare you for each date. Take approximately 15 minutes to do the prep before you and your spouse come together.
  • Choose a Nurturing Environment - These aren't typical dates, they're "money dates." Find a place without distractions, where you can be vulnerable and authentic with one another.
  • Set Up a Regular Time - Regardless of how many modules you decide to complete, try to schedule your dates at regular intervals. Put them on the calendar to show one another that you're committed to doing this together. Try one date per week or whatever rhythm works best for you.
  • Root your Discussions in the Word - Talking about money can be challenging. There are Bible verses woven throughout each date, so let God's Word and the Holy Spirit ground you throughout your experience. And be sure to spend time in prayer together!

Follow These Date Ground Rules:

  • Invite God to guide you.
  • Show up ready to listen and to respond in love.
  • Practice active listening – make eye contact and reflect back what you hear.
  • Accept that your spouse may have a different opinion, and allow them to express it without any verbal or non-verbal criticism.
  • Acknowledge the value in your spouse’s point of view, even if you don't agree with them.
  • Encourage your spouse, and remember you are your spouse’s most important advocate!

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