Crown would like to commend you for your desire to become a faithful manager of God's resources! The content in this course was prayerfully developed for you by a team of experienced Crown Budget Coaches. We've included biblical principles and practical application tools, both of which are essential to your journey. 
The course is divided into six sessions, and we strongly encourage you to complete all of them. Don't simply focus on the session(s) that speak to the financial pain you're currently experiencing. The process will be most beneficial if you share your answers with a Crown Budget Coach, who can walk alongside you as you complete each session. To do this, click "Share My Answers" at the top of this screen and choose the Budget Coach you are working with from the drop-down menu.  

Each session in this course begins with an outline for you to follow. The course can be used for face-to-face or virtual/web-based meetings with your Budget Coach. It is suggested that you meet with your Coach at least six times. If more time is needed, you and your Coach can determine this as you progress through the experience. Since all financial situations are different, you can determine how rapidly to move through the process.

There are forms and other tools included in this course that can be downloaded for personal use. These are considered the intellectual property of Crown and/or our partners, so they should only be duplicated/utilized for your personal use.

May God give you wisdom and determination as you begin your journey. It is our prayer that the Crown Budget Coaching experience will help you become a faithful steward of everything the Lord entrusts to you!

Building a Relationship

As you begin the Budget Coaching process, your Coach may schedule a Get Acquainted call with you. The purpose of the call is to begin building a relationship as you learn about each other. Here are a few questions your Budget Coach may ask you:

  • How did you learn about Crown Budget Coaching? 
  • “FOR” discussion
    • Family
    • Occupaton
    • Religious background
  • What are your goals/hopes for budget coaching?
  • Are you looking for immediate help for a specific issue, or are you seeking a long-term approach to managing your finances?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how willing are you to do what God wants you to do with your finances?

You can use the space provided below to capture notes from your Get Acquainted call.

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