Days 2-5: Design - Personality and Interests


Our teens might be surprised to hear that they have a unique design—that they are composed of different “parts” that, when pieced together, reveal the uniqueness of their individual creation. Part of this unique creation involves their personalities and interests. Those of us with more than one child can attest to the fact that babies are born with distinct personalities. Even from birth, our children are often as different as night and day. Their personalities and the things that capture their attention are two of the main attributes that contribute to our teens’ unique design.      

Look back on the years of your teen’s life. How would you describe his or her personality? What kinds of things does he or she enjoy? Answering these questions honestly and completely will help as you guide your child through the process of understanding how God created him or her. Our teens must first discover how they are uniquely created so that they can discover God’s plans and purposes for their future.


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